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Corrugated Sheet | 38-151-7 Acoustic

The single layer corrugated sheet manufactured from galvanize or aluminum in 38/151 form. Applied as the top layer in sound insulation solutions with its perforated design.

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Aluminium plate Corrugated sheet Coated galvanized metal sheet Single layer corrugated sheet
About the Product
1Application Area

Used as interior coating in steel or prefabricated structures with a load bearing system for sound insulation.


• Prepainted Galvanized Steel Surface, Aluminum Steel Surface
• Modular Width 906 mm. (Tolerans: ±3 mm.)
• Maximum Length Min. 1000 mm.-Max.12.000 mm.
• Type Prepainted Galvanized Steel
• Sheet Thickness 0,50-0,80 mm
• Steel Surface Yield Strength min. 220 N/mm2
• Thickness Tolerance (EN 10143) Nominal

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, GOST-R Corrugated Sheet

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