Polycarbonate Sheet | P895

Used as skylight material in structures with Master Panel exterior panel application. Since there is no lateral overlapping they provide an alternative between the frame and glass. Provides lightness and low cost advantage compared to glass. Possesses high heat resistance. High impact resistance. Produced in transparent or opal form according to light requirement. Produced in the desired size according to architectural and transport requirements. Maybe bent in vaulted ceiling, etc. applications.

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• Thickness 30 mm
• Useful Width 895 mm
• Assembly Gap Between Sandwich Panels 920 mm
• Length Min 100 mm, Max. Depending on Transport and Assembly Conditions
• Thermal 1,35 W/m²K
• Thermal Conductivity Coefficient 0,065 mm/m°C
• Thermal Expansion Coefficient Transparent 59%, Opal 30%
• Thermal Conductivity -40 °C/ + 120 °C

Guaranteed against fading for 10 years with UV protection.