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About the Company

Founded in 1997 for architectural services and focused on the production of modular partition wall systems under the TRIMline brand, the company began serving with product development, design, production and installation. Today, it has become one of the leading companies in the sector in the field of private corporate projects, acoustic material solutions and office furniture with the investment of wood production facility. ie the order of the manufacturing plant in Balıkesir, sales and showroom in Istanbul, application vendors spread throughout Turkey, offers quick and quality services to all customers with representative offices abroad. In all building projects, designers now regard partition systems as a 3-D concept and accept them as the indispensable color of their designs. Three important criteria emerge at this point: flexibility, quality and economy. Today, our systems, which come to a certain quality, pave the way for unlimited designs with simple, fast assembly and disassembly with the slogan "Free world of dimensions".
TRIMline, competent in-house research and development, design, production, sales and marketing and the implementation team consisting of free, creative and functional spaces with office continues to identify trends in Turkey. Dynamism, which constitutes the founding philosophy, creates executive working environments in Turkey and abroad with the principles of maximum quality, fast production and variety of solutions. TRIMline, which has a standard and continuous quality understanding, has been awarded ISO 9001-2008 quality certificate by URS London, one of the most important companies in the world. It acts as a part of this approach from R & D to construction site with all its employees.
Was established in 1997 in Gebze Balçık to produce Modular Partition Wall Systems. It has reached a leading position in its sector with its systems developed in a short time, solution-oriented approach and trend-creating vision. In 2005, he signed a solution partnership agreement with the German company Straehle Raum Systeme. In 2006, IM TRIMline Wood Systems girdi were put into service as Wood Systems and Partition Wall Systems are integral parts of fit out applications. In 2008 moved to new facilities in Gebze. In 2012, H T.H.E DOOR ”was introduced to consumers. Today, TRIMline interiors provides service with its production facility, warehouse, logistics and management offices in Balıkesir and its 750 m² showroom offices in Istanbul with a production team of more than 200 employees and a 50-person assembly team.

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