Art | Pixel Flow - Brown to Yellow

Brand: SENS

Pixel I Flow is designed for you so that you can have a colorful day with fluid colors! The collection consists of different color tones. Diffusers that scatter sound waves in your environment increase sound clarity and reduce echoes. In areas where they create a balanced acoustic response, they increase speech intelligibility and improve the quality of the music listened to. Diffusers are used to magnify the Sweet Spot high-quality listening zone, to control specular reflection, and to control the Flutter Echo phenomenon caused by flat surfaces.

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Solid wood

• Width (cm): 121.6
• Depth (cm): 6
• Height (cm): 76
• Product Color: Pantone 7533 C - Pantone 124 C - Pantone 2331 C - Pantone 732 C - Pantone 116 C - Pantone 400 C - Pantone 730 C - Pantone 121 C - Cool Gray 1 C
• Number of Disassembled Parts: 1
• Desi: 18.5
• Delivery Time (working days): 2 weeks