Art | Parametric FingerPrint

Brand: SENS

Together with the technological developments, we can call all the designs guided by certain parameters parametric design. The designs that reflect the algorithmic thought process to the user include an endless world. It is a method frequently used by designers in recent years. Through geometric and algorithmic relations, it creates a bridge between traditional architectural production and new technological possibilities. FingerPrint, belonging to the Sens Art Parametric series, is a striking design and decoration element in the form of fingerprints. You can make it the signature of the place by using it in places where you want to leave a mark.

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• Genişlik (cm): 60
• Derinlik (cm): 88,1
• Yükseklik (cm): 10,7
• Ürün Rengi: Mat siyah
• Demonte Parça Sayısı: 1
• Desi: 18,9
• Teslim Süresi (işgünü): 2 hafta