Wall | Alya - Ying Yang

Brand: SENS

The sustainable Wall I Alya collection is produced from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. It has the "building biology harmlessness" certificate. Wall I Alya products make a great contribution to the regulation of humidity and climate indoors. Thanks to its biological and binding substances, it stores the heat in the ambient air. When the air temperature drops, it re-radiates the stored heat. The Wall I Alya collection helps maintain the air quality in your living spaces by absorbing the humidity in the ambient air and emitting moisture to the ambient air. Wall I Alya products are extremely resistant to mold. It is preferred for comfortable and healthy places. Measurements have shown that Alya products have low emissions. The product surfaces can be easily cleaned and they do not emit dust and particles to the environment. You can create a peaceful ambiance by using the design, which consists of rectangular and square forms in different sizes, in places where you want to find calmness and serenity.

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Wood particle board

• Width (cm): 142.5
• Depth (cm): 2,5
• Height (cm): 171
• Product Color: Pantone 1-1 C
• Number of Disassembled Parts: 15
• Deci: 12.2
• Delivery Time (working days): 2 weeks

It has the "building biology harmlessness" certificate.
B - has s1, d0 fire resistance.