Art | Parametric Lips

Brand: SENS

Together with the technological developments, we can call all the designs guided by certain parameters parametric design. The designs that reflect the algorithmic thought process to the user include an endless world. It is a method frequently used by designers in recent years. Through geometric and algorithmic relations, it creates a bridge between traditional architectural production and new technological possibilities. Lips, belonging to the Sens Art Parametric series, is a pop art design with a lip-shaped parameter. Lips, which can be preferred by those who want to include ambitious and remarkable concepts in interior design, will be the most powerful decoration element of the place where it will be used.

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• Width (cm): 74.4
• Depth (cm): 21.5
• Height (cm): 60.5
• Product Color: RAL 3004 - RAL 9016 - PANTONE 485 C
• Number of Disassembled Parts: 1
• Deci: 32.3
• Delivery Time (working days): 2 weeks