Flanged Formwork and Facade Scaffolding

Brand: İs-Ka

It consists of flanged vertical element and horizontal elements with locking mechanism named dovetail. The connection points consist of a flange made of 8 mm sheet metal, a dovetail made of 4 mm sheet and a wedge made of 8 mm sheet metal.

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As a general application, it is used as a work scaffold to fill volume in building facades, shipyards and large spaces.

• Products such as lower adjustment shafts and 50 cm starting element are used to remove the elevation difference on the floor. As standard, there are flanges with 50 cm intervals on the vertical elements.
• In line with the increasing demand for safe scaffolding, the connections that will serve as horizontal railing are increased by using flanges with 50 cm intervals on these scaffolds and meet the safe scaffold standard. Safe passage between floors is provided with applications such as ladder inside the scaffold, hanger ladder. With metal planks, both a safe working environment is provided and the strength of the scaffold is increased.
• The scaffold is fixed to the building with a wall bracket or rod clamp.
• Vertical elements are manufactured from standard industrial pipes 48 * 3.00 mm, horizontal elements 48 * 2.50 mm TSE certified, subjected to mechanical tests.
• Vertical elements are made as 300 cm, 200 cm and 100 cm as standard, and horizontal elements as 300 cm, 250 cm, 200 cm, 150 cm, 100 cm and 70 cm.
• Automatic gas welding machines are used in production. The products are anticorrosive dyed and can be coated with hot dip galvanized upon request.