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Table Type Heavy Load Scaffolding System

Brand: İs-Ka

It consists of 150 cm wide and 4 different heights as standard. It can be used as a slab scaffold, heavy load pier, stair tower. When it is designed as a table mold, it saves labor and crane usage time with the addition of Table Carrying Fork and Table Trolley. It is also called Board Type Tower Scaffolding System.

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Heavy-duty scaffold Freight scaffold Working scaffold Facade scaffolding
About the Product
1Application Area

Bridge, viaduct constructions, business center constructions, large factory constructions


In addition to standard dimensions, special productions are available for projects.

The main pillar parts of the panels are made of 60 x 4.00 mm lower and upper horizontal supports, 48 ​​x 3.00 mm industrial pipes, cross bars are made of 34 x 2.50 mm TSE certified industrial pipes.

The upper and lower adjustment shafts used for fine adjustment are made of 48 x 5.00 mm thick tube. The standard sheet thickness used in four-way headers is 8.00 mm. 40x40x4 mm angle brackets are used on the edges.

It is used as a carrier scaffolding under the floor and beam. It is used with lower adjustment pins to level the floor, and 4-way heads to level the floor and beam.

When projected as a table mold, the system created can be moved with the help of a trolley and a crane without disassembling. In this way, great savings are achieved in terms of labor, crane use and material wear.

Automatic gas welding machines are used in manufacturing. The products are painted with scaffolding paint, hot dip galvanized upon request.