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About the Product
1Application Area

Business center constructions, large factory constructions, etc.


• It can be used with the help of a tripod.
• We manufacture in all sizes and thicknesses.
• As standard, outer pipes are Ø 60 - 2.5 mm, fine adjustment screw Ø 60 - 3.00 mm, inner pipes Ø 48 - 3.00 mm.
• Ductile iron 520 gr fine adjustment screw is used.
• Base plate and flat hood are 120 x 120 x 6 mm thick. U head is 90 x 190 x 4 mm thick. Under-beam heads are manufactured from 300 mm deep, 5 mm thick sheet material supported from the bottom.
• The turning handle and adjustment hook are made of Ø 12 mm flat iron.
• They are very easy to use, sensitive, working capacity, long life, high number of reuse.
• Resources are made on automatic machines. Galvanized is available upon request.