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İs-Ka Scaffolding

About the Company

In our country, where new steps are being taken on the way of industrial development and progress, the needs of industrial construction materials are becoming more effective every day. Established by İsmail ACAR and Kamil ACAR in 1997 to fill the gap in the scaffolding and formwork industry, the company continues its activities in a 5000 m2 closed area.

İs-Ka Scaffolding, whose aim is to provide services in a full area from the projecting stage to manufacturing and after-sales supervision, continues to work for the most economical solution with the highest quality materials.

The basic principle of the company that renews and grows day by day with the principle of continuous development; Considering that all works are interdependent in the construction site environment, it means "to comply with the delivery time" so that the works do not interrupt.

The company also offers the products it manufactures for the use of its customers, both for rent and for sale.

İs-Ka Scaffolding Products

İs-Ka Scaffolding

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