Security Network Platforms

Brand: İs-Ka

Safety Net Platforms are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of TS EN 1263-1 norm. Platforms should be located and mounted at the construction site in accordance with the TS EN 1263-2 norm.

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Safety nets are generally used in the construction of high-rise buildings, multi-storey buildings, to protect workers and the surrounding pedestrians from falling from heights.

• Security Platforms provide protection against falls from 6 m height up to 3.5 m or 4.0 m distance from the building facade.
• Security Platforms are produced in a capacity to meet the requirements of TS EN1263 standard.
• Nets are 10x10 mesh, 6 mm thread thickness, edge thread thickness is 8 mm. It provides protection against falls up to a minimum distance of 3 m from the building facade.
• According to the TS EN 1263-2 standard, the placement limits stipulated for safety nets are as follows:
In areas with slopes of less than 20 °, the drop height should be a maximum of 6m.
In areas with slopes of more than 20 °, the drop height should be a maximum of 3 m.
The free distance (f) under the security net should be at least the net height. No obstacle should be kept in this area.