Composite Wooden Deck Coverings | SoliDeck

SoliDeck (Solid WPC - wood plastic composite - Decking) is used as outdoor floor covering. Thanks to its 100% recyclable structure, it is a remarkable material in terms of environmental sensitivity. It is a more economical product than other decking products used outdoors. Composite flooring materials are a type of material formed by the combination of two or more materials/components. Composite is one of the oldest building materials in human history, which entered human life years ago. Mud brick, which is a mixture of mud and straw, can be given as one of the oldest examples of composite materials. In addition, concrete, cardboard and plywood are examples of composite materials.

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• It is not affected by climate changes.
• It does not require periodic maintenance applied to wood.
• Due to its homogeneous structure, its strength (durability) is much higher than other wood and composite decking products.
• SoliDeck allows you to create free designs for yourself thanks to its real look and different style.