Artificial Leather Surface Coverings | Continental Skai

Continental Skai is a breathable coating material that does not contain carcinogenic substances, has acoustic properties, is resistant to impacts, does not require special care for cleaning, does not hold dirt and stains, and does not sweat. Thanks to its appearance and different style, it allows you to create your own designs.

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It offers you a nice environment with its durability, comfort, ease of maintenance and naturalness especially in places such as hotels, hospitals, yachts & ships, airports, stadiums, automotives, cafes & restaurants, gyms and health centers.

• Does not contain carcinogenic substances
• Acoustic feature
• It is resistant to impacts
• It does not require any special care for its cleaning, it is dirt and stain resistant.
• Does not sweat
• It is perfectly compatible with disinfectants that are effective against Sars and Cov-2 viruses.