HPL & Compact Laminate Furniture and Wall Coverings

High pressure laminate (HPL) is a form of decorative laminate in which kraft paper layers impregnated with melamine resin are covered with decorative paper and protective coating and the resulting laminate is attached to the substrates at high pressures and temperatures. A similar process is used to produce low pressure laminates, but the pressure range is different. High Pressure Laminate or HPL is a direct descendant of the original plastic laminate. It is considered one of the most durable decorative surface materials and has special performance properties such as chemical, fire and abrasion resistance. Special grades of HPL can be formed by applying heat and restraint around curled edges. The high pressure laminate is laminated to a composite panel using various adhesives. Chipboard or MDF is the preferred substrate because they provide a stable, durable, consistent and economical foundation. Due to its durability, high pressure laminates are a common choice for horizontal surfaces including flooring, countertops and desktops.

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It can be used comfortably in homes (especially on furniture and surfaces), shopping centers, airports, sports complexes, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels, factories, restaurants, business centers and offices.

• Durability: Compact laminate form, produced under high pressure, is extremely durable.
• Variation: It can be selected with different properties in terms of appearance, thickness, material, color, pattern and many more.
• Hygiene: Like all other forms of laminate, it is considered among the most hygienic materials in the design industry. Manufacturers use anti-bacterial coatings and anti-fungal additives to ensure that the material is germ-free and extremely health-friendly.
• Security: High pressure laminate furniture covering is fire resistant. It is resistant to chemical burning, cigarette burns and abrasion. Moreover, it has no tendency to wear, crack, scratch or bump. All of our products are moisture resistant and we have a wide range of products. You can easily use our products for many years. It has high resistance to corrosion factors such as sun, humidity, extreme cold and heat or cleaning agents.
• Maintenance: It is easy to clean and maintain as it does not accumulate dirt and is not easily affected by different weather conditions.