SBC & LVT Floor Coverings | Vinilo

Vinilo SBC & LVT Collection is the newest generation of advanced technology vinyl flooring materials. The Vinilo SBC & LVT Collection is produced with Uniclic system that is valid worldwide. Uniclic system provides the installation in half the time spent on normal floating floors. It provides easier and cleaner working opportunity. Thanks to its real appearance and different style, it allows you to create free designs for yourself.

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It offers you a beautiful environment with its durability, comfort, ease of care, magnificent acoustics and naturalness, especially in places such as hotels, shopping malls, stores, cafes, restaurants, gyms and health centers.

Vinilo SBC & LVT Collection contains 100% natural cork, which can be applied by floating or sticking system. Cork products are environmentally friendly and provide comfort, warmth and sound insulation in the places where they are applied. It is also anti microbial and antibacterial. It is a material approved for application in places with underfloor heating. It is a healthy product that is easy to maintain and clean. Natural cork with a thickness up to 4 mm is used in our products.

You can easily use the 100% Waterproof Solid Board included in the Vinilo Sbc Collection Series in wet areas. The board in Aqua Clic product has the feature of not being affected by water and can be easily mounted as a floating system with Uniclic system.