Cork Floor and Wall Coverings

Cork Floor and Wall Coverings provide sound and heat insulation in the places they are applied to, they absorb vibration, they are anti-static and anti-bacterial, they provide high resistance in moist and humid environments, and also very useful for allergic diseases such as asthma and bronchitis thanks to its dust-free feature. They are 100% natural products that do not need cleaning and wiping, since they contain cells that breathe and exhale like the human body cells.

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Cork Floor and Wall Coverings are products that improve acoustic conditions in places such as hotels, shopping malls, cinema and concert halls, meeting and conference halls, residences, offices, stores, restaurants and cafes, and create visual differences in the spaces they are applied to.

• Cork has an insulating effect due to its thermal qualities. Thus, it can easily reduce your heating costs.
• Cork flooring provides excellent sound insulation.
• It has a solid, durable and easy to clean surface.
• Since it is antistatic, it prevents the accumulation of dirt.
• There is no need for professional help for the application. The multi-layer structure makes the cork floor stable and durable and makes the surface laying very easy.