X-TEND Stainless Steel Cable and Mesh

Brand: Carl Stahl

X-TEND is an innovative construction material that combines protection and aesthetic design. X-TEND is tailor-made for each application. In addition to ease of installation, there is no limit in size and width. The web strips can be joined together without visible splices to cover larger areas. Cross or irregular geometries can be coated. X-TEND can give different effects to the structure due to the combination of mesh width and rope diameter in many different ways. The choice is made with functional, structural and aesthetic considerations.

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Potential application areas are very wide, both indoors and outdoors. Among other things, it can be used as guardrail filler, horizontal or vertical fall protection, partition, façade cladding, green façade systems or simply highly flexible design material. Architecturally challenging zoo solutions such as zoo bird cages or wild cat cages with three-dimensional, curved geometry that allow light birds to fly freely are constructed with an X-TEND stainless steel mesh.


Manufactured from high quality DIN 1.4401 / AISI 316 stainless steel ropes with X-TEND resistance. Ropes are molded with tinned copper (type CX) or stainless steel (type CXE and CXS) clamps to form a mesh that is both durable and flexible and suitable for two- or three-dimensional applications. X-TEND retains its shape in all conditions and is generally maintenance-free.
- Aesthetic design and protection in one
- Transparent and flexible
- Lightweight and stable
- Two or three-dimensional use
- Innovative and durable
- High quality stainless steel
- Also available in color
- Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
- Different uses
- Recycleable

Pre-assembled rope nets retain their shape regardless of empty weight or additional loads. Provides the best balance thanks to its curved linear surface and tension. The required tension is obtained by the pressure of the cables on each other. Its structure has opposite slope in load carrying and tension directions. Each rope net structure has a low curb weight compared to the load capacity and distance width. It is very economical due to minimum material usage and low mass design.

CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE offers different system solutions to facilitate purchasing and installation processes. Our X-TEND2 and X-TEND3 systems combine the value of the X-TEND stainless steel mesh with the well-known benefits of a standard product. Although X-TEND is mostly designed as guardrail filler, we can also offer rectangular or parallel edge panels with X-TEND filler for industry-specific solutions or solutions tailored to the customer's requirements.
- Fits all railing structures
- Different different specified dimensions
- It is mounted inside the frames consisting of edges.
- Independent frames 1,600 mm long and 1,100 mm high
- Handrail frames with parallel edges for stairs

X-TEND is the basis for new design ideas in both indoor and outdoor applications. CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE X-TEND Colors, which is a range of colored stainless steel ropes, provides eye-catching, vivid colorings in buildings. The decorative, non-oscillating polymer coating used in ropes is resistant, water-resistant and physiologically safe.

The sub-product X-LED, which consists of an X-TEND network, made especially of high-power LED strips, provides the necessary environment for excellent illumination and effective messages. Moving images of individually controlled LED bulbs and vibrant colors of 16.5 million colors are eye-catching.

- DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality system
- DIN EN ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental management
- ETA-13/0650 X-TEND European technical approval
- ETA-10/0358 I-SYS European technical approval
- DNV NV FRC 10 02029 Rev. A (Det Norske Veritas) X-TEND network drop test
- ERB 2010-PV 100901 Netherlands, X-TEND railing filling system

EN 1263-1: 2002, EN 12600: 2002, EN 13501-1: 2007: "Fire-resistant test A1" tested according to CAP437.