Stainless Steel Wire Rope Systems/I-SYS

Brand: Carl Stahl

I-SYS is a system that offers infinite possibilities. It consists of independent parts, rope assemblies and custom production solutions. Stainless steel ropes turn into universal elements with the help of convenient fittings, fittings and guides. They must be strong in order to be able to handle the forces that occur, and at the same time be compatible with the architecture. Each of the I-SYS components achieves this easily. This success story also includes the star player F50, a forged outer screw that perfectly combines stainless steel ropes of different diameters and end fittings.

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All balustrade fillings in housing, shopping mall, hotel, office, official institution buildings, bridge, museum, villa, airport, social facilities
Transport and suspension ropes, wind support, sun visor, fall protection equipment required areas.


Specially designed fittings, fittings and guides turn stainless steel ropes into universal materials. On the one hand, they must be strong enough to withstand the forces formed, and on the other hand, adapt to the architecture. This is a balance game that is easily achieved by different I-SYS components. These include the watermark F50, which is a forged outer screw that connects stainless steel ropes to the end fittings without a noticeable addition (even if they are of different diameters).

- Slim design
- Best connectivity options
- Very small holes
- Minimum reduction in breaking load
- Rounded to fit the rope

Quality, long ropes adorn bridges, plazas and stairs. On the one hand, they increase the security, on the other hand, separate areas used for different purposes or define the structure in public places. Poles with rope bumps spaced at suitable intervals serve to provide the correct tension. The use of internal screws here ensures success. Minimized screws can stretch the ropes to the correct length and keep them parallel.

- Wide range of possible connections
- Optimally adjusted shaft diameter
- Economical rope bumpers for long distances

The fittings that secure the ropes to the building must be both elegant and thin, and strong and durable. Smart design is absolute here. The I-SYS range is impressive with its unique aesthetic features. Typical features of CS forks and rings include advanced stainless steel processing techniques and organic design language.

Forks features:
- Wide range of possible solutions
- Design-oriented
- Optimally coordinated fasteners
Properties of rings:
- Ring designs suitable for fork geometry
- Transparent solutions possible due to small dimensions
- Different types of options

The finishing tips give the building the required strength. Together with the molded parts, they are used for secure connection of inclined rope lengths. Round rod ends and joints are just two of the unusual products in the I-SYS range. These globe-shaped pairs are patent pending technical innovations for finishing joints that can be sloped up to 60 degrees. The principle of movement between the articulation head and the articulation is inspired by nature; the knuckle head sits on the round knuckle and achieves perfect fit, regardless of the position of the knuckle head. The result is fast and rational solutions that offer flexibility to adapt to all angles.

- Only required parts
- Flexible design options
- Ideal for curved cable extensions
- Attractive design material

Stainless steel ropes stand out because they can be used in different places and in different ways among architectural materials. Whether static, functional or aesthetic; Whether it is invisible or designed to be eye-catching, the ropes give a creative dimension to all construction projects. With diameters from 1 to 26 mm and terminals from M4 to M36, the I-SYS range has components that are compatible with all applications. I-SYS transforms the formal association of rope and connector into perfect architectural detail.

- Many different design options
- Proven standard materials
- Visual effect on large surfaces
- Flexible installation solutions

- DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality system
- DIN EN ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental management