TENNECT Binding and Fixing System

Brand: Carl Stahl

This standard fixing system creates point or linear fixing and provides tension of the load-bearing structures. The bonding materials and their effects are automatically adjusted in the drawing direction. The system can be adjusted in three dimensions. In this way, production tolerances are balanced, installation is easier and project planning effort is minimized.

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Pools, shopping malls, hotels, parks, gardens, airports, cafes, beaches

The corners of the fabric tensile structure are generally secured by two ropes joining at the reference point. These two different power directions produce results that vary according to the load situation. The direction of the resulting power may vary considerably; especially in asymmetric loads based on wind and snow. To solve this structural problem, the connection should be designed as a universal joint. TENNECT has a wide range of components for this purpose.
- Asymmetric loads are balanced
- Automatic adjustment of pull direction
- Compensates for tolerances in freely released tine rope lengths

The development of the TENNECT ball joint has been the result of the collaboration of specialist engineers and experts from the textile engineering world.
- Freely adjustable angles
- Very small component size

In the past, in order to fix a fabric with bolts, it was necessary to drill holes at regular intervals or to pass the ribbon through the grief profile. Both methods can cause serious problems. Drilling is an expensive and complex process that can cause errors. Passing the strip through the profile is difficult and time consuming. The linear TENNECT fasteners consist of a special grief profile (strip section) fixed from front to back, eliminating the need to pass the strip through.
- Fixing with two-piece aluminum strips
- Parts with coated surface, pre-drilled holes or dimensions up to 6 meters long are also available