Facade Greening System

Brand: Carl Stahl

The green spaces using the Carl Stahl Facade Greening product lines are clearly designed, easily planned, easily installed and in harmony with different types of façades and plants. Thanks to their outstanding design, they are able to decorate architecture even without plants, and with the subsequent green building cladding, the entire system remains durable for years to come. A harmonized construction system made of stainless steel parts provides the foundation for creating different solutions with stainless steel ropes and stainless steel mesh. The most important features of the systems are long life and low maintenance requirements.

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Exterior, garden wall, fences, garages, terrace


Made of aluminum, the high-quality GREENCABLE system not only creates canopy but also keeps the cold out and prevents fine dust particles. The cage structure for ivy and climber plants combines creative simplicity with advanced technology.

The cage structure consists of a cylinder base with four holes through which the rope passes. This allows for easy installation and design flexibility.

- Easy setup
- Weather resistant
- Wear resistant
- Lightweight aluminum material
- Flexible design
- Modular concept
- Matched surface - anodized silver

Greening facades with GREENCABLE components are easy to project and simple to install. Compatible with different plants and walls. The special lattice shape is enough to decorate the building architecture even before the plants grow, and provide support for decades after the plants grow. GREENCABLE is based on a modular system of optimally coordinated components; this allows the ropes to be oriented in different ways on the façade either horizontally or vertically or in quadruple ropes and cables.