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At SilkarStone, we are proud to be a leading stone manufacturer, producing a variety of natural stone, mosaics, slabs, and tiles, and exporting product to over 35 countries across the globe.
Our company was established over thirty years ago, owns multiple quarries in Turkey and Greece, and two factories in Turkey. This vertical integration allows product quality to be controlled from start to finish while providing unparalleled service to clients planning complex architectural projects. With a showroom in Istanbul, as well as a joint ventures in Qatar, China and the United States, we are able to assist with projects all over the world, providing quality custom products for large-scale bespoke projects.
Through our sister company AKDO Intertrade, exclusive products are distributed to more than 350 dealers under the “AKDO” brand in the luxury tile and stone market of the United States.
Silkar is one of the largest mosaic manufacturers in the world, with exclusive designs and an impressive palette of natural stone colours. Our ability to produce incredible details custom mosaics and exclusive mosaic tiles make Silkar a unique company in the design world.
In addition to offering slabs, mosaics, and cut-to-size tile, we continually invest in innovation beyond traditional stone product. Because of investments in new technologies such as lightweight laminated stone panels, Silkar has experienced great success within industries such as luxury yachting, furniture, interior, and exterior wall cladding, and more.
After working with mother nature’s product for so long, we respect the earth and green movements. To date, Silkar continues to set standards in the natural stone industry with sustainable manufacturing. As a result of EPD studies, we have calculated our environmental impact within the complete life cycle for nine products according to ISO 14044 standard and published third-party approved statements. Silkar has EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certifications.