Laminated Natural Stone Panels | Glass

Brand: SilkarStone

They are panels obtained by laminating natural stones produced using advanced technology with light materials. Thanks to the innovative solutions offered by laminated natural stone panels, it is possible to create impressive spaces by using large size panels in projects. Products blended with technology are environmentally friendly materials, thanks to the efficient use of natural resources, as well as the advantages it provides such as easy assembly, cost-effectiveness, lightness and high durability.

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Residential, Office, Restaurant Cafe, Hotel, Spa, Shopping Center, Hospitals, Culture and Art Buildings

Natural stone, Glass

Max Panel Dimensions: 180 x 300 cm
Panel Thickness: 15 mm
Outer Surface Natural Stone Thickness: 5 mm
Bottom Panel Thickness: 10 mm
Mounting Type: Mechanical
Application Area: Indoor
Weight: 38 kg / m2
Performance Characteristics:

• Can be used indoors
• Backlight
• White and veined marbles gain light transmission • Can be used in wet places (shower separator panels)
• 2 cm more durable than marble or glass products • Suitable for different surface applications (polished, honed)
Common Uses:
• Separator and decorative wall panels, shower and door panels, coffee tables and table tops • Special use areas for decorative purposes