Laminated Natural Stone Panels I Fiber Composite

Brand: SilkarStone

It can be used in the manufacture of furniture (tables, coffee tables) and interior wall coverings.

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Furniture industry, construction industry and aviation industry are common usage areas.
• Two-component epoxy-based adhesive or polyurethane-based strong silicone adhesive (point application).
• In the standard application, the back panel color is light gray (Ral 7035). The minimum order quantity for the use of composites suitable for the color of the stone is 500 m2.
• In furniture applications, 5+5 mm Fiber Composite panel should be used by sticking 18 mm MDF or Marine Wood under it.

• Unit weight is approximately 40% lighter than 2 cm thick marble.
• Impact resistance is 60 times higher than that of 2 cm thick marble.
• Suitable for different surface applications (polished, honed, patinato, sandblasting).
• Installation time is 50% shorter.
• It is suitable for use in large sizes due to its lightness (maximum 150x250 cm).
• Suitable for use on wet walls.
• Max. Panel Dimensions (cm): 150x250
• Panel Thickness (mm): 10
• External Surface Natural Stone Thickness (mm): 5
• Bottom Panel Thickness (mm): 5
• Mounting Type: Adhesive
• Application Area: Furniture, Interior
• Weight (kg/m²): 22
• Performance Features: Bendable flexible