Roof Windows

Brand: VELUX

VELUX roof windows have brought the concepts of daylight, comfort and energy to new standards with features such as user-friendly, modern and ergonomic design, fast and safe installation and patented "Thermo Technology" that provides maximum energy efficiency. It provides comfort and energy efficiency for 4 seasons with its 3 glass technologies. With the option of polyurethane coating, roof windows can be used for many years without the need for maintenance. There are also top-hinged roof windows that offer uninterrupted views in the product portfolio. By opening it outward with the elegant handle at the bottom, it can add volume to the room and provide a more spacious environment.

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You can use VELUX roof windows wherever you want to provide natural light and fresh air intake from the roof with a minimum slope of 28%.

Depending on the selected product sizes and models, technical specifications may vary. For detailed information about the products, please contact VELUX Turkey.

ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001, 10 Year Warranty