Solar Tunnel

Brand: VELUX

The solar tunnel has been developed to carry light from the ground to the basement, from deep ceilings under the roof that require suspended ceiling application, to dark places such as bathrooms, hallways, dressing rooms, corridors that are closer to the building core and do not receive daylight. The VELUX sun tunnel ensures that daylight is directed to dark areas with the help of a reflective tube with adjustable length. Thanks to the LED lighting kit that can be added, it eliminates the need for extra fixtures, while reducing electricity consumption and saving money.

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VELUX solar tunnels can be applied to pitched roofs and flat roofs. For these two different application areas, VELUX offers 2 different reflective tunnel options according to the distance between the roof; flexible or rigid tunnel. Rigid reflective tunnels reflect the light from the roof down as a straight beam of light, while flexible reflective tunnels can be easily applied in places where the space between the roof is short. The VELUX solar tunnel is designed to adapt to any slope and any roofing material.

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ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001, 10 Year Warranty