Exterior Accessories

Brand: VELUX

Direct sunlight on hot and sunny summer days can increase temperatures in the living area. For the best heat protection, sunlight should be stopped before it hits the window glass. You can find more information about the blinds, solar awnings and canopies used for this purpose in the "Technical Specifications" section.

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Compatible with all VELUX roof windows.

• Shade: The VELUX canopy installed on the outside of the windows prevents the sunlight from reaching the window glass, thus reducing the glass-induced heating by up to 73%. Manual (MHL), Electric (MML), Solar (MSL) options are available.
• Solar Awning: It provides both heat protection and blackout with its light absorbing feature. It cuts the heat coming from the window by 73%. This product with solar motor; Comes with a wall switch for easy operation, quick and hassle-free installation.
• Blinds: It is suitable for use in every climate and every season of the year. Thanks to its heat-proof feature, it protects from overheating in summer and from cold in winter. It cuts the heat coming from the window by 97%. Electric (SML) and Solar (SSL) options are available.

2 years warranty