Flat Roof Solutions

Brand: VELUX

VELUX flat roof solutions are used to get daylight and fresh air from flat or low-sloping roofs and terraces between 0-15 degrees. It offers different solutions for every need with its wide product range from new generation curved glass and flat glass roof skylights to traditional domed roof covers.

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VELUX flat roof window can be applied to all roof materials up to a maximum slope of 28%, and also in the landscape in above-ground solutions. In this system, the opening or fixed lower unit in the skylights is protected by a special dirt-proof curved or flat glass upper unit and the system must be used together with the upper unit. Also, no skirting is required.

Depending on the selected product sizes and models, technical specifications may vary. For detailed information, please contact VELUX Turkey.

ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, CE, 10 Years Warranty