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  • GC Mimarlık

  • 2021

Kilis Nation's Garden has a design approach based on generating positive value. It has been designed as a national garden equipped with rich functions, carrying the identity of meeting nature, culture, science and art with the public in the city center of Kilis.
The project area of ​​the Nation's Garden in Kilis Center, consisting of two parcels of 104.000 m2 in total and connected by the "Ecological Bridge" we designed, has a character consisting of rich functions. In the design approach, entrances and directions are given priority in locations that can easily access the public garden from the main vehicle and pedestrian axes.
It is aimed to design a people's garden, which was created considering the cultural values ​​of Kilis, and which brings together children with science and nature with the Planetarium, and the Sculpture Workshop with the public and the arts, with a high recreational value and a dense, breath-taking green space in the city center. All trees have been preserved and the natural slope of the land has been used as an element that enriches the design.