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It is aimed to take the Despot House out of its derelict and dilapidated state and to take its place in the world as a part of "Conservation and Historical Continuity" within the scope of a design and application work without damaging the original texture of the historical building with its new organizational scheme. The project is located in Ayvalık/Balıkesir. Cunda Island is a unique settlement in terms of its culture, history and natural beauties dating back to ancient times, located in the Edremit Gulf in the north of the Aegean Sea. It has also been known as Moshinos, Yunt, Yunda, Alibey throughout history. Despot House is also a symbolic structure of this special island, which has been registered as a monument. The 'Despot' (clergyman), who came to Cunda, his birthplace under Greek rule, with the donations of the Greek people on the day when Greece became a state, had the building known as the Despot House built in 1862.