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  • ABBA Mimarlık

  • 2021

In EnerjiSA Production Head Office, all construction and infrastructure works have been completed on a total area of ​​5750 m2, 5550 m2 of which is closed and 200 m2 of which is open. Architectural design, implementation, control works and consultancy were carried out during the construction. All furniture supplies of the office were made, special production furniture designs were prepared and manufactured. All decoration works of the office were also done by Abba Architecture. The main theme of this project, which is Leed certified, designed with the concept of sustainable and renewable energy, has been determined as the 17 objectives of the United Nations. Visual designs prepared according to this theme were shared on all office walls. Every detail in this project has been designed with the idea of ​​creating comfortable working spaces. In addition to the open offices, different sizes of meeting rooms and single-person study cabins, playgrounds, cafes, terraces and models describing the company's working areas, business scope, and visual elements are exhibited in the venue.