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Anıtkabir, whose monumental aspect predominates, giving importance to symmetry and using cut stone material, completely bears the characteristics of the period. However, Seljuk and Ottoman architectural features and decorative elements are also frequently included in Anıtkabir. This feature is manifested, for example, by the use of curbs called sawtooth in Seljuk stonework that surrounds the towers on all four sides, where the walls meet the roof, for example.
In addition, there are stone ornaments called passionflower and rosette, which are also used in Seljuk and Ottoman art, in sections of Anıtkabir such as the Mehmetçik Tower and the Museum Directorate.
Anıtkabir, which is one of the best examples of the period it was built with all these features, covers an area of ​​​​approximately 750,000 m² and is divided into two parts as Peace Park and Monument Block. Anitkabir, Prof. Emin Onat and Assoc. It was designed by Orhan Arda.
Source: https://www.turkchem.net/