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  • Uygur Mimarlık

The Presidential Symphony Orchestra (PSO) is located in the heart of Ankara and features a stunning design and acoustic architecture. As of December 3, 2020, It opened its doors to all art lovers which is an example of an architectural philosophy known as “timeless designs”.

To combine this building's iconic and simple structure with the geometric forms observed in its combination, many architectural and engineering solutions were required. The most notable one is the building's concrete shell structure. Moreover, the method of inflatable formwork was used for the first time in Turkey, which can be summarized as follows: after being placed on the foundation, the mold, which is made of polyurethane sprayed for thermal insulation, iron, and shotcrete concrete poured on the iron, is inflated with compressed air.

The acoustic consulting for the building was provided by Professor W. Fasold, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute of Construction Physics. The design, which was conceived by Uygur Architecture, skillfully interprets its spatial configuration through functionality while also highlighting its acoustic solutions. Thanks to the effective and modern atmosphere created by Tacer's acoustic architectural solutions, Uygur Architecture's Presidential PSO offers remarkable experiences to art lovers in the new complex. In order to implement this unique design impeccably in the field, Tacer R&D teams established an intensive, meticulous and a new production-assembly strategy during the manufacturing and assembly stages. 

The design's initial modular sections were specified and assembled on site by supplying the necessary acoustic parameters. Wood, a natural and sustainable material, also improved the acoustic performance of the interior and gave the structure a distinct identity through its aesthetic appearance.

In addition to Tacer Acoustic Architectural solutions for various concert halls inside the PSO, Tacer also manufactured and implemented wooden design components on the wall, door, and sitting area coverings of the interiors. As a result, a flawless acoustic performance was attained.

During the field process for the installation of Tacer Suspended Ceiling Systems in the Great Hall, which has a total capacity of 2023 seats, 15 meters of mobile scaffolding was set up on top of a 20-meter fixed scaffold, with anchoring done at a depth of 40 cm. The length of each carrier element varies in the range of 3-10 meters. Thanks to the production and manufacturing guide generated with the Tacer R&D team's digital design/planning system, the assembly of the carrier system, which consists of 15,000 parts and weighs 180 tons, was completed flawlessly.

Uygur Architecture designed 2200 special circular acoustic metal panels that were installed by expert mountaineers on the 30-meter-high surface of the foyer area. Following the completion of static calculations, the Tacer R&D team worked with the manufacturing team to execute a production that blended design and functionality. Each acoustic metal panel was assembled in accordance with the layout scheme with an expert team consisting of 3 mountaineers, 1 survey engineer and 1 survey technician.

Unlike the Tacer Acoustic Wood System panels in the Great Hall, the Tacer Suspended Ceiling System in the cafeteria is made up of circle segments that are all positioned at different heights. This unique suspended ceiling design required a total of 1040 m2 of modular Tacer Acoustic Wood System panels, which were custom detailed particularly for this project.

The production of wood and assembly of the glass-wooden shell outside the shop section was conducted by Tacer. The wooden surfaces suitable for the curved form of the shell and the load of the carriers were computed and transferred to the digital environment using algorithmic digital design tools. These software tools not only gave the system a physical form, but they also improved the production process. After that, the ceilings were built on site in accordance with a predetermined plan. As a result of Tacer's professional work, the design, production and assembly of this project exceeded all technical limits.

In addition, the perforated surfaces of the custom-designed Suspended Ceiling and Wall Metal Systems, as well as the acoustic fabric on the inside, combined aesthetics and acoustics in the area.