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  • PIN Architects

  • 2017

Nevzat Sayın, Han Tümertekin and Brigitte Weber were the jury members of the Marble Garden Biophilic Design Young Architects Competition. PIN Architects won the first place and production award in the competition where Super Eight Studio, Kerem Piker Architects, Melike Altınışık Architects and DM Architects reached the final. Architecture critic and curator Gökhan Karakuş from Emedya Design organized the competition and exhibition.

Salih Küçüktuna, one of the founders of PIN Architects, said: "As PIN Architecture, we actually handled AKDOLAM product in two ways. The first is the material's own natural properties, the second is that the material is actually a technological material. Producing AKDOLAM product with technological facilities and presenting it to the user in many different areas was the most exciting and motivating feature of us. Within the framework of these features, we have focused on a user experience while integrating both the natural properties of the material, the composite structure and the performance characteristics into the design process and ultimately turning it into a challenge both massively, architecture and carrier system."