Yapı Kataloğu - Nitelikli Mekan Yaratma Platformu

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The project, which has a total construction area of 70,000 m2, consists of a total of 9 floors, including 4 underground and 5 upper floors. The sports complex has 186 lodges, 5,500 VIP seats, and a total capacity of 52,650 spectators. There is also in-stat parking for 2900 cars. Initially located on the parking floors, standard column, beam, and floor manufacturing was replaced by special structures such as super columns, saw beams, and parabolic beams that go around the stadium in the following stages.

Super Columns:

The super columns, symmetrically located at 4 corners, are about 49 m high. The super columns rise straight from -8.72, which is the basic upper elevation, to the first 8 m, then lie inward at a 25-degree slope for ~25 m up to +24.51 elevation, and change direction at this elevation to +40.00 elevation by lying outward for 15 m up to +40.00 elevation. To easily adapt to this variable structure, PANEMAX steel framed panel formwork is provided. A safe working platform has been created using the climbing consoles of the climbing system 150A on both the inner and outer faces of the columns.

Parabolic Beams:

The most characteristic structure of the project in terms of mold engineering is the parabolic beams with a total length of 700 mt, which rotate the stadium all around, and the saw beams on which the precast elements make up the stands sit. In this project, the saw beams are inserted into the parabolic beam at the very top. The parabolic beams have a cross-section of 150 * 575 cm and a slope of 35 ° with a horizontal. Due to the large cross-section, very large vertical loads are formed, and in addition, serious horizontal loads are also formed due to the slope. It also becomes more clear how we are faced with a molding problem when we consider that the height of the beam from the slab under one is about 15 m. The solution was made with an HD 150 load-bearing scaffolding system. The system consists of frames welded in one direction, called the “mainframe”. These frames are connected by “cross-tensioning” pipes in the other direction. The combination of details in both directions allowed us to achieve high carrying capacities on such inclined and heavy beams, where horizontal loads were effective. By connecting the ”mainframes“ with ”cross tensioners“ in one direction and ”straight connecting pipes“ and ”pipe clamps" in the other direction, the system has been made more rigid against horizontal loads. In total, 200 mtul beam formwork and scaffolding and 700 mtul long parabolic beams were completed in about 75 days. All the materials of the molds used in this project, except plywood and H20 wooden beams, are provided for rent.