Sib Ecocrete Aggregate Carpet

Sib Ecocrete is very smooth and does not contain large aggregates. It is very well leveled and gives you a very smooth surface with cement screed effect. Material consumption is low due to its unique strength at low volume. Using the mixer pump applicator, more than 250m² can be applied per hour. Sib Ecocrete is not sensitive to moisture and can be applied on concrete that is 2 days old. Its formulation is based on harmless, VOC-free, non-hazardous raw materials. Sib Ecocrete does not smell or cause unhealthy fumes.

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- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, both in chemical and heavy-traffic industrial environments.
- Ideal for decorative applications that are in constant contact with water. It can be used on poolside flooring or in pedestrian areas by the sea.
- Due to its strength, it can be used in places exposed to salt water at a high rate. Suggested areas of use, fountains, swimming pools, showers.

• Eco-binder technology
• Environmentally friendly
• 100% mineral based
• VOC and APEO free
• Resistant to salt water
• Easy application
• Architectural freedom
• Custom color gamut
• Indoor and outdoor use
• High resistance to chemicals
• Weather resistant
• High wear resistance
• Pumpable application