Sib Extreme Trowel

Extreme Trowel is a special coating designed for industrial use, created to achieve a surface focused on abrasion resistance and extreme flexibility. Extreme Trowel is pumpable and fast to apply. It is an ideal product for the renewal of industrial floors. Your dream of a floor without joint and breakage problems can come true. It is a unique, high performance, two component, easy to level floor coating. Extreme Trowel does not require wiping.

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Ideal for industrial, commercial and even home floors, industrial facilities, airports, logistics centers, shops and restaurants.

• Natural look
• Trowel polished surface
• Jointless flooring
• Only movable construction joints
• CE certificate
• LEED certification
• Architectural freedom
• Full RAL color gamut
• Indoor use
• High performance
• High tensile strength
• High strength
• High flexibility
• High wear resistance