Sib Extreme Style

Extreme Style Light is classified as a two-component mineral-based concrete that makes it possible to create truly flawless, high-performance Terrazzo floors. It offers almost endless design possibilities without sacrificing quality. It is possible to make jointless and crack-free floors in very large areas, and you can work with the entire RAL color range in the cement mixture and play with the size and amount of aggregates. You can add logos to the floor.

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- For civil, commercial and industrial floor coverings and large surfaces indoors.
- This product is perfect wherever high wear resistance and high technical performance are required under heavy traffic.
- It can be used in schools, museums, stores, restaurants, lobbies, shopping malls, airports and hospitals.

• Natural look
• Matte to glossy
• Jointless flooring
• Only movable construction joints
• CE certificate
• LEED certification
• Architectural freedom
• Custom color gamut
• Indoor use
• High performance
• High tensile strength
• High strength
• High flexibility
• High wear resistance