Sib Extreme Flow

Extreme Flow is a professional self-leveling coating in the Extreme range. Extreme Flow is used to create uniform colored floors. Composed of two components, selected aggregates and a special cement base, Extreme Flow is extremely durable and flexible. It retains its workability for about 30-90 minutes after spreading, allowing precise and customizable application. It can be worked with the entire RAL color range. It is unrivaled in terms of soft opacity and/or shine upon application.

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- Suitable for indoors.
- Ideal for use on home, commercial and industrial floors, schools, museums, shops, restaurants, lobbies, malls and airports.
- It is also the perfect solution for industrial applications such as warehouses and logistics centers with its incredible anti-wear properties.

• Natural look
• Matte or glossy surface
• Jointless flooring
• Only movable construction joints
• CE certificate
• LEED certification
• Architectural freedom
• Custom color gamut
• Indoor use
• High performance
• High tensile strength
• High strength
• High flexibility
• High wear resistance