Xypex Patch and Plug Cement Based Waterproofing Material

Brand: XYPEX

Xypex Patch and Plug; It is a non-rotting and quick-setting repair / sealing material used for filling concrete defects (segregation, etc.), intense water ingress, cracks, tie-rod holes. All of the Xypex products are cement based and sold in dry powder form. Since its content is the same with the concrete content, it integrates into concrete and moves with concrete after application. Active chemicals in Xypex are similar in structure to the by-products of cement hydration and allow it to produce needle type crystals. These crystals fill all the capillaries and voids in the concrete and make the concrete impervious to water.

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- In stopping active water flow from static concrete cracks and imperfections in the substrate
- Filling and repairing tie-rod (tie rod, mold tension iron) holes, segregation and aggregate gaps
- For defective or leaking construction joint repair
- Covering around pipe connections and passages

• It is used to stop the flowing water by first cleaning the cracks, holes and connection points that have enough water to prevent the application and fill them as mortar.
• One ingredient (only water is added)
• Very fast setting
• Contains Xypex's unique crystal-producing chemistry that allows self-healing of cracks and other imperfections.
Quick return of the water-holding structure to service
• Cement based - compatible with concrete and masonry substrates
• It is not toxic.

ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, TSE, CRP, OHSAS 18001: 2007, GREEN TAG