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About the Company

TOPSİT Trade, Organization, Planning, Industry, Construction and Tourism Inc. Founded in 1973, the company has been operating in the construction sector since its establishment. TOPSİT A.Ş. It has carried out many small and large-scale projects both in Turkey and abroad. Various works done to NATO and TUSEG and two towns established in Libya are among the most important works done by the company.
TOPSİT A.Ş. After withdrawing from the actual construction work is recognized all over the world since 1987. Canadian origin "Xypex" water proof materials Turkey, the Middle East and Central Asia distributor of concrete non-destructive testing equipment and producing PROCEQ S.A. (Switzerland), the company serves its distributor in Turkey. Also in 1997, HYGOLET EUROPE A.G. (Switzerland) Hygolet produced by the company has received the Turkey distributor of sanitary toilet seat cover.
The company imports, promotes and markets all these pioneering materials and equipment in its class and aims to deliver the best to its customers with technical solutions, suggestions and implementation planning services, taking advantage of its 40 years of construction experience.

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