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Ytong Noise Barrier

Brand: Ytong

The Ytong Noise Barrier is an effective solution to reduce traffic-borne noise with its acoustic and structural features. Ytong Noise Barrier is produced with large panel elements produced in reinforced concrete concrete class. The Ytong Noise Barrier is simple to install and provides effective noise protection with high sound insulation. It is economical with quick application possibility.

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Noise barrier Sound absorbing material
1Application Area

The Ytong Noise Barrier can be used to reduce both road-borne and rail-borne environmental noise. The system is certified for both noise sources and provides high sound insulation.


Aerated Concrete


• Size: They are produced from 10 cm thickness to 30 cm thickness and up to 600 cm length.
• Fire resistance class: A1 class "does not burn at all"
• Mineral and recyclable

4Quality Assurance Certificates

TS EN 12602
TS EN 1793-2 - Traffic Sound Reduction Index
TS EN 16272-2 - Railway Sound Reduction Index
Domestic Production