TGD - 7IP48 IP Intercom

Multiswitch satellite systems central distribution systems

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Housing, shopping malls, hospitals, public institutions, airports, hotels, prisons, etc.

Material: Plastic
• With ip intercom systems, villas, sites, schools, mass housing, apartments, offices, residences, skyscrapers, hospitals, etc. Thanks to the advantages of IP system, we offer high quality video and sound system regardless of the apartment boundary.
• 48V standard PoE
• Automatic visitor photo saving
• Unlimited inter-flats and no data loss calls
• Send emergency notifications to security
• 8 different types of alarm support
• Multiple language option
• Multiple ring option
• Easy to use interface
• Storing alarm and call logs
• Send and receive text and photos
• Compatible with home automation

TSE - CE - Service Qualification
Guaranteed for 2 years.