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About the Product
1Application Area

Housing, shopping malls, hospitals, public institutions, airports, hotels, prisons, etc.


• Material: Tinned sheet metal
• Made for professional projects
• 10X32 taped terrestrial broadcast distribution
• 1 dB tap loss
• Ability to connect 2 cascades
• Gain adjustment for RF thanks to 20dB attennator
• Independent 20 dB attennator setting for each polarity
• LNB on off switch
• Linear terrestrial broadcast output thanks to the taps on each subscriber output
• Led warning system
• Extra sat filter and IF amplifier at each polarity input
• Independent, highly isolated subscriber outlets
• Highly isolated SMPS power supply
• Ability to work with low signals thanks to the high gain in subscriber outputs
• Easy and compact installation
• Low power usage thanks to new generation smd components
• Suitable for Digiturk systems
• Quattro LNB usage feature
• Subscriber port protection up to 100 volts
• 100 m distribution length per subscriber
• High quality terrestrial broadcast outputs thanks to sharp filters
+ 4 * Db equalizer for each subscriber output for excessive loss at high frequencies
• 950-2150mhz and 47-870mhz sharp lossless filter for each subscriber output
• 1 Db difference in earnings between the first and last subscriber

3Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE - CE - Service Qualification
Guaranteed for 2 years.