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Teknoline Technological Systems Inc.
Teknoline Technological Systems Inc.

Teknoline Technological Systems Inc.

Teknoline Technological Systems Inc., established in 2006, operates on Satellite, Cable TV, Terrestrial Antenna and Fiber Optic Distribution systems. Production, design and application are carried out using 100% domestic and advanced technology.
Teknoline Technological Systems Inc., the "Tekniksat Group" organization, which is the pioneer of fiber optic central satellite systems. satellite distribution systems in Turkey uses the most advanced technology in the world. By keeping customer satisfaction and quality at the forefront, it aims to continue its work by improving it in this direction.
The Group desires to be a leader in the products it develops and the added value it brings to the sector. Its products are the choice of large projects and are used safely in 25 countries.
Teknoline Technological Systems Inc, which produces Tekniksat Group technology products. By closely following the technological studies and new developments in the world, it aims to open its modern products, which fully realize Turkish technology design software, to foreign markets by focusing on production. Group; It serves with modern technological methods with an understanding that attaches great importance to sales and after-sales services.
In addition, it provides uninterrupted project and product support for central satellite, camera and intercom systems with fiber optic infrastructure in projects developed with TUBITAK support. Teknol in Turkey in the field of design, production, R & D and is the only company serving as a project. Domestic products produced in Turkey and abroad are introduced in the exhibition.