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Sargın Prefabrik
Sargın Prefabrik

Sargın Prefabrik

  • Gürpınar Mah. 7004/12 Sok. No:7 Pınarbaşı, 35060, Bornova, İzmir, Türkiye
  • 0232-4362880
  • www.sargin.com.tr 
From project consulting to logistics, Sargin is serving the construction industry with 30 years of experience.
Founded in 1985 as a family business on prefabricated concrete production, SARGIN has become a dynamic group of three companies in 30 years. Today, SARGIN Group is working with the same enthusiasm, aiming to serve you with more endurable high-quality products, better technologies and faster results.
Sargın Prefabrik supports building, infrastructure and environmental projects with its wide product portfolio ranging from wastewater and stormwater drainage systems to TCDD cable channel system, road access systems to road safety barrier systems, road arrangement systems to urban furniture systems, retaining wall systems to modular wall systems.