Concrete Barrier

Brand: Sargın

Concrete barrier is a reinforced concrete structure which is used for separating vehicle traffic especially in land transportation. It is designed with slopes at different angles (New Jersey Barrier) to reduce damage to vehicles from impact. Concrete barriers are also used as a kind of fortification in social events and military operations. It is frequently seen especially in the security of military bases against bomb attacks. Thanks to its rigid structure and special design, the Concrete Barrier is both separator, protective and propelling on impact strip. Prevents the vehicle from crossing the lane in the event of an accident. It is safer for motorcycle riders than other barriers. Except for permanent applications, it can be applied temporarily and then easily transported. It is economical compared to other barriers. Maintenance costs are low.

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It can be used as separator and protector in all kinds of vehicles and pedestrian roads:
Motorways, ring road, intercity roads, city roads, two-way roads. It is used for vehicle-bicycle path separation and vehicle-pedestrian path separation. It is also used as a roadside, riverside and cliff edge protector.

Concrete Class: C30
Reinforcement Class: B 500C

New Jersey Barrier
Symmetrical Barrier
Asymmetric Barrier
Preferred Road Border (İzmir B.B)
It can be produced in special sections for projects.

Joints are produced with straight, plug-in or special profile connection apparatus in accordance with the Highways Specification (2013).

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality