Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Pipes

Brand: Sargın

Sargın Prefabricated; produces two types of pipes with circular cross-section and O-ring seal and integrated seal. Production range includes; Ø150 - Ø1600 mm diameter concrete and reinforced concrete pipes, fittings, concrete inspection chimney elements, parcel chimney elements are available.

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Sewerage and rainwater discharge systems, infrastructure

All our pipes and connectors are assessed for quality and compliance with TS 821 EN 1916 and TS EN 1917 - Turkish Standardisation.

It is resistant to constant and moving loads. It can be applied on any type of ground. They are long-lasting structural elements that do not have cross-section and shape disinformation, low flooring labor cost, do not require special stocking conditions (not affected by UV rays).

TS 821 EN 1916, TS EN 1917