Shading Systems

Brand: Neta

Ensuring control of the sun in architectural structures is one of the necessities of a comfortable life. Solar control, which can be used in different areas of buildings, is an architectural need. And the first thing to do is to take into account the relationship between the location of the building and the areas of use, ie the direction. In order to produce shading projects suitable for architectural structures, when designing shading system, the direction and intensity of the sun and wind, architectural structure and style, structural statics, personal preferences and aesthetic tastes of the users should be taken into consideration. One of the systems that can be used in all weather conditions and can be closed and used in indoor comfort if necessary; rail awning. When properly designed, these systems create a visual appeal that creates charm, activates the facade and increases aesthetic value.

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Commercial, cultural and tourism buildings, residences, food and beverage areas, all open spaces

Aluminum, Steel, Fabric

It is a system that can be used in all weather conditions and indoor comfort when necessary.

CE, DIN, EN, ISO 9001 (Fabric, Steel and Aluminum Profiles and Fasteners)