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Retractable Roof Systems

Brand: Neta

Telescopic 50% - 66% - 75% motor or manual opening, designed with glass material is a retractable ceiling covering systems. It offers a combination of daylight transmittance and freshness and comfort without leaving the natural environment. In addition, the aesthetics of glass and perfectly solved application details together with systems that help to create pleasant places.

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Retractable ceiling system Polycarbonate skylight
About the Product
1Application Area

Commercial, cultural and tourism buildings, residences, food and beverage areas, all open spaces


Aluminum, Steel, Fabric


Sliding roof systems are built on aluminum or steel construction and have a long life against snow load and wind load. Its folding function adds flexibility to use in all seasons and provides full comfort. Therefore, it can be used as a winter garden. Motorized winter garden systems minimize the energy losses in the heating and cooling of the spaces with the insulating glass alternatives. In addition, it provides an advantage in energy saving as it makes maximum use of daylight. In Neta Roof Systems, the glass roof can be applied in laminated glass or insulating glass alternatives according to demand and need.

4Quality Assurance Certificates

CE, DIN, EN, ISO 9001 (Fabric, Aluminum Profile and Fasteners)